Join the 3a Global Network

3a offers many advantages, and one of them is the flexibility and the relative small size of the Group. Being a lean organisation, 3a responds quickly to the ever changing market conditions, enabling the company to be a step ahead of competition in terms of service readiness.

Joining 3a Global means forming part of an up & coming, IT savvy & agile organisation

If you wish to expand your professional achievements, offer more services and expand your client portfolio, a 3a Global membership may offer you a number of practical and attractive advantages which are very worth considering.

3a Global offers its members a pool of professional specialists experienced in serving micro-enterprises, SMEs and large organisations in accounting, auditing, tax optimisation and business advisory areas, amongst many other services.

Furthermore, backed by an international team of professionals and supported by the latest information technology infrastructure investments, 3a Global is a virtual community of experts, geared with systems which allows for secure online intercompany and group knowledge sharing, allowing the entire team to work as one, harnessing their collective intellectual resources, sharing experience, improving efficiency and maximising clients' satisfaction.

Besides the use of its state-of-the-art knowledge share platform, 3a Global offers its partners an infrastructure that acts as a catalyser for their business growth, not only through the sharing of multidisciplinary expertise, across various cultures and niche markets, but by providing advanced means of communication to all team players involved as with the use of the Group’s powerful and intelligent email marketing resource. This system allows 3a partners to manage from one-to-one to large scale email campaigns, to monitor email performance, to know who opened the campaigns, what was clicked and, subsequently, read and forwarded through.

If you wish to form part of 3a’s international business network, we look forward to hearing from you. Visit the 3a Global website for more details on eligibility and application process for network membership - Click here >