Member Services

As a beneficiary of 3a Global, each member firm is offered the following services:

-         3a Branding: Both full and associate members gain exclusive use of the 3a Global brand and of its Quality Management System. Once the Deed of Declaration has been signed and membership is conferred, the member firm gains authorisation to use the word and graphic brand name 3a Global Network for the duration of the term of such an agreement.

-         Knowledge share database: The 3a Global network operates with a state of the art IT infrastructural setup that increases its knowledge base and provides access to data sources through an extranet, which is available to all members. The latter have immediate access to all relevant information and can share any such key documents with business partners or recipients.

-          A wealth of resources: 3a Global has also invested in digital resources that are available to its affiliate database for their personal application. These include useful tools such as template setup software, customisable subscription templates, and email marketing facilities among others.

-         3a Global offers Online Superiority:  3a Global provides a marketing portal which opens access to a series of SEO optimised website setups for use by its members, whereby information and news can be disseminated and shared, and through which the firm can market itself as well as create and exploit networking opportunities.

+More: All of the above services offered by 3a Global are set to maximise our members’ marketing potential and business opportunities.


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