Why 3a?

1.    3a Global is an international community of professionals set for growth

Backed by an international team of professionals and always at the very forefront of the latest information technology infrastructure, 3a Global is today a ‘virtual’ community of professionals and experts serving a diverse client base worldwide.  

3a's members are empowered with systems that facilitate secure intercompany and group online knowledge sharing, allowing the entire team to work as one, harnessing their collective intellectual resources, sharing experience, improving efficiency and maximising clients' satisfaction.

Headquartered in Malta, 3a Global is an expanding network of professionals that wants to leave a positive mark in its sector and with all its diverse clients worldwide.


George Georgiou

George Georgiou
Director, on GKVISION (Cyprus)

“The 3a Global network consists of firms and people that have a unique approach to servicing clients through collaboration, professionalism and innovation. Being a member of the 3a Global network has provided our office in Cyprus access to markets and clients worldwide that recognize the value of all around quality services. In collaboration with an international network of professional accountants we can demonstrate the strategic and tax optimizing opportunities that can arise for our clients. Utilizing the 3a Global network tools and shared resources such as the online Knowledge Base and the Quality Management System, we can offer fresh and unique solutions that add value to our local and international clients.“

2.    Being part of an agile & flexible organisation that offers a genuine opportunity

3a Global offers members an infrastructure designed to act as a catalyser for their business growth, not only through their sharing of multidisciplinary expertise, across various cultures and niche markets, but by providing all parties with advanced information systems. These systems include the Group’s powerful and intelligent email marketing solution and the 3A's knowledge sharing platform, facilitating online resource sharing, upon demand. 

3a Global looks at technology not as a replacement of the much needed human dimension in professional services, but as a tool that helps its members to excel, extending their talent to a larger client base and taking their career potentials to new heights.

3.    3a Global offers its members and their clients a quality & reputable service

3a offers many advantages to its partners, and one of these advantages is the flexibility and the relative small size of the Group. Being a lean organisation, 3a responds quickly to the ever changing market conditions, enabling the company to be a step ahead of competition in terms of service readiness.

Clients of 3a enjoy the dedication of the company’s staff at all levels and the sensitivity of a firm that prioritises reputation as its strongest asset. It comes as no surprise that many of 3a’s clients approach the company through client references. A good service always pays back!

Members of the 3a network benefit from a responsive organisation that can dedicate its full resources to any client, small or large, local or international.

Encouraged by the steady expansion of its business operations, 3a Global is always seeking for new talent. The members of the 3a network look forward to an exciting future, working alongside fellow best-of-breed professionals that share its values and vision. 3a Global is set for success.