Tax Services

At 3a we offer a tax structuring service, which covers the processes of company formation,accounting networking and tax planning. Our service procurement extends beyond the local business environment towards the international platform.

3a provides advisory services also in the following key areas:

Corporate tax: at 3a we advise on the structure and elements of corporation tax in the Czech Republic. These include allowable deductions, exemptions, carry-forward of tax losses, capital allowances, tax accounting, double tax relief and capital gains.

Personal tax: 3a’s services encompass advice on personal tax rates for residents and non-resident individuals, social security contributions, taxation of employees and residence planning, which includes permanent residence as well as ordinary residence.

Tax treaties: 3a Czech provides consultancy services related to Czech’s double tax treaty network. This entails analysing and interpreting the provisions of such agreements and treaty relief entitlement.

International tax planning and structuring: 3a Czech can provide quality advisory service in international tax structuring thanks to its membership in 3a Global association and through collaboration with various partners and affiliates.

Communication with tax authorities: 3a professionals will liaise with Czech’s revenue departments in order to resolve disputes on our clients’ behalf.

Tax compliance: 3a advises companies and individuals on their compliance obligations in the Czech Republic. Such obligations include registration with Financial Administration, preparing and submitting tax returns, as well as filing claims for tax refund purposes.

Indirect tax: 3a also offers advice on value added tax in addition to other indirect taxes exercised in the Czech Republic. We also assist individual clients and corporate structures in fulfilling their statutory VAT obligations.